No gestures are reliable except the 4 fingers ones is this normal??

I'm using apple magic trackpad. I've tried all the gestures, 2 finger tip tap, 2 finger swipe, 3 finger tip tap, 3 finger swipe. None of them are reliable. I've made sure to not have any conflict in system settings. I do use 3 finger drag though (which is needed for select text).

When I say not reliable, I mean it misses like 30% of the time. It's not that it doesn't work at all.

4 finger gestures are 100% reliable.

Is this normal? Software seems like a scam if that's the case.

not normal, maybe check the live view to see whether anything weird is showing up on your trackpad.
BTT doesn't work well even if the trackpad has only small defects (they can show as phantom touches in live view)

There is also some practice necessary to be able to work well with BTT's gestures. Additionally make sure no conflicting system gestures are enabled.

The accessibility 3 finger drag does indeed break many things, you can try to enable the special three finger drag compatibility mode in the BTT settings to workaround some issues

heres a video showing it misses 90% of the time

I didnt border recording the other gestures same thing

@Andreas_Hegenberg can you move this to bug section and give an update?

Did you disable the three finger dragging or enable the compatibility mode?
Unfortunately three finger dragging breaks many gestures, it's not a bug - just a limitation on how three finger dragging works internally. The compatibility mode can solve some of the issues but not all.

@Andreas_Hegenberg turned off 3 fingers drag

same problem

the two finger swipes in BTT require a bit more „swipe“ by default (not just a very short flick). However you can modify the required distance in the advanced settings (shorter distances can lead to accidental triggering)

sure but look at the video, it fails on every other gesture as well.