Next action only when app fully loaded

I want to create a trigger that has 2 actions:
1 - Open a video app
2 - Go to the top menu and pick the option to add some files to the queue to later export

Is it possible for BTT to check if the app is fully loaded before going to step 2?
For example, let's say the app takes 10 seconds to open and I want the second action to only run when the app loads after those 10 seconds.

I know I can add a delay, but if there's something going on and the app takes longer than the delay I picked, that will be a problem, so I would like to make BTT wait until the app in step 1 is fully loaded.

Is this possible?
If not with BTT, anyone knows another tool or workaround where I can achieve this?
I need to create a workflow where I am able to export a lot of videos, but I need to make sure the app is fully loaded before adding them to the queue.


I am not an expert .. For example, if the app is not fully loaded until a certain name of a window appears, this can be done with a conditional group in BTT. Or more generally, look for a unique condition that must be met before the next step starts.

Keyboard Maestro can do such things.

Thanks for the reply.
Would you mind sharing how one of those options can be achieved in BTT?
I don't own Keyboard Mastro (at least, yet) so I would be more interested first in seeing what can be done with just BTT.

Appreciate it!