Newest BTT 2.717: Hide Menubar Items Temporarily does not work anymore

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Hide Menubar Items Temporarily does not work anymore

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  • Type of Mac: MBP Retina
  • macOS version: Latest HS
  • BetterTouchTool version: 2.717

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Mhh it seems to work fine here, I'm currently on v2.723 / v2.724 alpha - maybe try to update to that.

I have 2.724 alpha installed now. I restarted my mac. Even took a new preset and making sure i trigegr the command through Hud-Display. The command is being triggered but the Menubar-Items from (File, Edit, View) etc. are not being hidden like before. This problem occured after I run the command (Show/Hide Menubar Items left of BTT) for the first time yesterday with a trackpad gesture. After running this command the "Hide Menubar Items Temporarily" wouldnt work anymore. (I also installed "Vanilla for Mac" yesterday, but I deinstalled it already.) I am sad, because I highly used this function to see all of my Menubar-Widgets really fast. Do you have other suggestions? Thank you!

Could you check what happens when you execute this terminal command?

open /Applications/

? (Assuming your BetterTouchTool is in the global applications folder)

When I enter

open /Applications/

I get the following:

LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10825 for the file /Applications/

Meanwhile I deinstalled the current BTT and intsalled a previous BTT (2.05) and the desired command works there like a charm!

Ahh thanks, that code means "incompatible system version". Probably something caused it to only work on Mojave. I'll look into that. (And I highly recommend upgrading to Mojave, as there are some super bad security issues in older macOS versions :-))

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I am using OSX High Sierra (10.13.6).
Yes thank you! is there a link for the Version before 2.717 meanwhile? Because before it worked. Thank you! But I am always a late adopter with OSX Software. I always update after nearly 10 months after it has been released to prevent system failures etc. Thank you!

all previous versions are available via, but I can not tell yet which started the issue!

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Thank you! 2019-01-27 00:21 18M

works totally fine with the "Hide Menubar Items" on the latest High Sierra. So the problem must occure in the versions afterwards (i definetly had a problem with 2.710 as well: So it is a version between 2.701 - 2.710). Thank you very much!!