Newbie question

Have just purchased BTT as had read a discussion board, via Google search, about how to easily minimise all windows on a Mac.

That discussion indicates that there is a ''hide all windows'' shortcut in BTT which can be assigned.

However, I've gone through the BTT shortcuts in preferences a few times and can't see that one!

Any help in minimising all active windows using BTT would be much appreciated. TVMIA

Perhaps you mean "hide all windows" (window management).

Probably yes although I can't see ''hide all windows'' as a shortcut to set in BTT

I'm not sure what you mean ... select the action, then assign a shortcut of your choice here

Thanks, would you mind sending that in English please?

This is supposed to be English :joy:

  1. Select the action
  2. Select the shortcut

Not sure what you've sent as this is what I get when launching BTT....

As before, I can't see an option in the list to hide all windows.

this is not BTT (BetterTouchTool), this is my other app, BetterSnapTool. You’d need BetterTouchToo for this

Oh I see, thank you. Any chance of a refund then please, so that I can purchase BTT?

for new users bettersnaptool comes with a free 1 year license for BetterTouchTool (you can activate ot in the registration screen of BetterTouchTool)

Great thank you :+1: