New user questions

Good day,

I'm a new user trying to get the most out of BTT

Have a few questions.

  1. how does one make background of a button transparent or are you just using black.

  2. I would like to add a 3 finger swipe left or right to control iTunes volume (ie not system volume)
    So a simple apple script like the following would do it however, it doesn't seem to be working in the finger swipe widget

tell application "iTunes" to set sound volume to (sound volume + 5)

  1. I made an AppleScript that will print the current IP address of the computer using AppleScript. I am aware I can make it re-run at intervals, Plan to leave it at 100 but is their a way to set it so when I clip on it, it will run again, ie update incase I want instant feed back and not wait the 100 seconds