New user, adjust speed acceleration smoothness

Just bought Better Touch Tool after reading some articles and getting it recommended on forums. But now I'm confused. I though I could adjust mouse speed, acceleration (more than OSX limited adjustments), smoothness with this tool, no? Can't find the options.

If not with this app, what do you use? I've got a Logitech mouse but the Logitech software doesn't work and I need to make the mouse less erratic, less jittery in it's acceleration, and more precise with slow movements.

Here is one way to do it

click on touch bar settings (after having selected the menu to touch bar)
then select trackpack (or mouse) and you will have it

Thanks Oliviermattelaer, but that didn't do it.

There was no option that reminded me of say "Smooth mouse" (a discontinued app that helped me a few years ago). Nothing that improved smoothness, acceleration and precision. Only an overall speed adjustment the same as the built in OSX one. I might have been recommended this app for the wrong reasons it seems..