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Please advise me where I can search this forum for the answer I am seeking. Basically I want to use one keyboard key, F13, to execute the following Mac keyboard command, control+command+space bar, simultaneously.

  • Create a new Keyboard Shortcut, F12 or whatever.
  • Hit "send keyboard shortcut" and enter your desired shortcut.

Thanks for the help and information. Unfortunately, I was not able to to do what I wanted to do. With a Mac computer you can press the Command + Control + Space keys simultaneously and this will display emojis. I wanted to create a single key shortcut using the F15 key, but when I pressed the Command + Control + Space keys simultaneously it displayed emojis instead of putting the keystrokes into the blank area.

Pay attention to really click on the key field, otherwise it won't work. When the small popup is visible just as in the video, then you're good to go!