New Key Sequences "Conflict"

@Andreas_Hegenberg If a key sequence cmd down/up triggers something, then this is not triggered if a letter interrupts the sequence, i.e. cmd + i. This is perfect and completely logical.

Unfortunately also completely logical is that a trigger like 3 finger tap with cmd down, does not interrupt this sequence. So both actions are triggered.

Would it be possible that BTT recognizes in such a case that before cmd up something else was already triggered with BTT and therefore nothing should be triggered with cmd up? The 3 finger tab should be considered like a key that interrupts the sequence.

Mm, not sure if I explained this well :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe this can be achieved using the seconds_since_last_trigger variable:

Or maybe I can add a predefined action to clear the current key sequence, that would be easy to do and could be triggered along with your 3 finger tap

That would be wonderful!

4.288 alpha now has a "Reset Current Key Sequence" action!

//sorry 4.289 fixes an issue with that

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This works perfectly and and makes the new Key Sequences even more valuable. Thank you, Andreas!