New Calendar Widget does not show the right date


In the new version 3.140 (1307) the new Calendar Widget show Monday 14 but we are Monday 15 and the Current Day Widget is working fine.


Hi, I just wanted to mention the same problem too in version 3.140 (1307).

which timezone are you in?

I am in the same situation.
Currently this area is Tuesday 16, but the calendar widget is displayed as Tuesday 15.
If there is no problem for others, the timezone of the calendar widget may be different from the system time zone.

I'm in UTC/GMT+9.

I think I found the issue, will upload a new build in a few minutes!

v3.141 is now online, would be great if you'd check whether that fixes the issue for you.

After checking the update, it works well. Thank you very much.

The update works for me too. Thanks!

Hi, I am getting a similar issue as to the one mentioned here, but I am using version 3.209 on a MacBook Pro 16 inch. Any idea what might be going on?

If I have the calendar widget automatically go into the current day, everything looks right, but in the month view the weekdays don't match up with the date of the day.

Thank you!

Am having this problem with version 3.616 - currently shows Wed, Nov 11 vice Nov 10. Using a MacBook Pro 15 inch 2018.

Have updated to ver. 3.624 and have the same problem.

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