New BetterTouchTool UI Progress

Drawings / Mouse Gestures - Spelling mistake - tipps instead of tips


Clicking on the button goes to a page that is not found

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Thanks, always confusing the german and english spelling of tip/tipp.

I have added a redirect to make the link work with the new documentation, however the drawings part is not yet updated to the new UI.

Another small one: Preferences > Window Snapping & Moving > Moving & Resizing Modifier Keys tab has some strangely offset text.

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If a Touchbar group is open and you jump to another entry (triggers, mouse,…) the group will remain open on the screen even though the new category is shown. Quite annoying sometimes.

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Cannot reproduce that on my end. Be sure to restart BTT and see if you can do that again.

Can Do it every time for many many versions now :wink:

I can also reproduce it :wink: Will fix next week (on a mountain bike trip in the alps for a few days to celebrate the very successful 3.0 launch :smiley: )


Oh I'm so jealous right now! Enjoy your ride! (yeah, I'm proud of this one.)

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Andreas, sounds amazing!

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Found some bugs!

  • Emoji widget shouldn't have general settings

  • ⌘D doesn't work within groups
  • Preset labels don't work within groups either
  • Visual Separator still has an opacity to it, which is making it a bit hard to read. (#000 on font color isn't true black..)
  • Stick to Left (column view) shows the stick to right icon :grimacing:


Would it be possible to make the research checking for all triggers, meaning also inside the groups and subgroups? :dog:puppyeyes
I don't know how it is for you, but when I search something I usually don't remember where exactly it is… :roll_eyes:
I also wanted to use this feature to change a trigger that is in many many many groups (but not all of them) so if the research would find all of them after one search this would be gold!

Hope your cycling was great!

@Caliguvara I will definitely improve the search soon (and add it to the list view).

@yuuiko thanks! Could you paste the JSON for the "Stick to left" issue? I can't seem to reproduce this here.

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Feedback new UI

Hey Hey,
First of thanks for the app love it!
As you are currently working on the UI, I thought you as a hardcore-developer can surly need some input from a visual person =P The new UI looks nice but feels still a bit "techie" So I doodled a bit around to illustrate some visual problems that I believe make it harder for new users to get an quick oversight of the app.

  1. Panel separation
    BTT has got quite a lot of subsection within the app, so it's important to make the separations really clear. As all sections, except the app bar, are white/light-gray they visually blend together a bit. To make this a bit clearer I would consider making the top bar or the settings panel a bit darker to give it some contrast. Also the settings panel has got almost no padding, just a bit more space would help keep them apart.


  1. Highlight the important elements

Just as a visual experiment;
Let's say you got 3 pens with different weights. With the thickest you mark whatever jumps to your eye first, with the medium pen you mark other things that look less important, and with the thin pen whatever you look at last.
Repeat the same but this time instead of just looking at their visual appearance think what actually should be highlighted
If you compare those images you can see that some elements, that are really important, are quite low in the visual hierarchy. So for example the main menu hasn't got much more impact than the dropdown in the bottom right settings. The modifier icons are highlighted blue even though they shouldn't look more important than the name.


  1. Text – reduce to the max!
    I feel like there are many attempts to make the app more user-friendly by adding more descriptions. That definitely is often a good idea but in this case I think it is sometimes a bit contra-productive. For example the main menu is really wordy with a lot of repetition. Even though it may help some to understand the feature at this point it should be more important to create a clear overview.

Or in the status bar. Even though what you have written may be more accurate, if you just call them trigger & action it will be easier to understand.

  1. Icon duplications
    Some icons are used a lot of times for different things. 5 slightly different plus signs can get a bit confusing. Also action configuration looks just like the app settings icon.


So all together I would propose something like this;

Or maybe with dark header bar

With a big and clear trigger type menu
Also I don't like the gesture icon – not sure why but it does not remind me of bbt gestures. why not something like a letter in the blue-line-with-dot style like the gestures are recorded.

Instead of writing next to the icon maybe a hover? If possible I would try to make the edit bar the same in both views..

So in comparison:



A while ago I gave @Andreas_Hegenberg this mockup:

He's been trying to achieve this design since the beginning, and i'm very honored to hav e that role. Though some concepts in that is a little outdated, how do you think this is?

Still rooting for the completley seperate actions column, but thats a huge task so that's understandable.
My design doesn't change the rightmost column for actions, instead all actions are configured in the actions column.

I also submit some icons and ideas, some of which are:

See contribs =D

Command-click recommended... forum didn't handle the links well

New BetterTouchTool UI Progress

New BetterTouchTool UI Progress

New BetterTouchTool UI Progress


New BetterTouchTool UI Progress

New BetterTouchTool UI Progress

New BetterTouchTool UI Progress

Anyway, thanks for my little 'me moment' i guess :wink: I just posted this to give you some design context / plans

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Yes, seen that as I was scrolling through. Definitely some nice ideas there. I like the settings panel. In my view also some problems with setting the right focus. Colours are bit to heavy and fight for attention, but therefore they really clearly separate the panels.

Like the Action list you suggested. I think that could open up a lot of possibilities for adding functionality for making komplexer actions as you for instance can do in Keyboard Maestro.

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@Julian_Steinmann thanks for the feedback! Some of the things you described are very intentional based on the last 10 years of user support I did for BTT :smiley:

For example:

  • IMHO the modifier keys definitely need to be more visible than the name - I have had so many users configure something with a modifier key, forgetting about it and wondering why the trigger didn't work.
  • Same goes for the descriptions: many people didn't understand what key sequences are, since I added "Typed words" the usage has gone way up.
  • Same for Drawings and Mouse Gestures - they are very different from Trackpad or Magic Mouse Gestures and I think it's important to have that in the description.

I agree that some highlighting of some elements can be improved, however I want to stick with the standard macOS UI elements where possible. This will be improved further.
I will also add more tooltips (but definitely macOS standard tooltips) for the buttons and various other UI elements.

The unified bottom toolbar you suggest would cause more clicks to be required and for me it seems to be a bit confusing as the context is not clear anymore. However there are definitely things I will improve in the current bottom toolbar (like correctly disabling buttons if they are not available in the current context)

For the top bar, I like the default macOS style a bit more than the dark one. To me the dark one makes it feel a bit out of place. I think dark / different-colored side-bars are now pretty common on macOS, but dark top-bars always feel a bit non-native.

I agree about the margins in the side-bar, it's hard to find a good balance between space usage and visual appearance (there are still people using the 11" Macbook at 1024x768px resolution :smiley:). In general there will be many improvements to the side-bar in upcoming versions.

A small general update on the rollout:
As of now more than 60% of the BTT users already have upgraded and are using the new UI. So far the general concepts seem to be very understandable and the reception is still amazing. Almost no support requests regarding the new UI :partying_face:
And it's great to finally have multi-language support.

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Btw. I think it's time to slowly retire this thread. However I liked the dynamics here, so I have created a new thread for general feature development status & discussions:

From now on it would be great if you'd create standard bug reports / feature requests for UI related stuff. This has been awesome and I'm really happy with how everything turned out. Now it's time to start working on real features again!


It would be great to make a new subthread for this, maybe? Just for UI progress since it's still 'in dev'

getting a weird error - I am on 3.109_1216 and can't update to 3.111_121 as it says 121 is lower than 1216 and for security reasons that's not allowed (:-((