New Action "Activate Previous App"

@Andreas_Hegenberg The new action "Activate Previous App" action works perfectly, except in this case. The macro below brings the VLC player to front. The cycle action starts/stops a track. This all works. But switching back to the previous app does not. No matter if with or without a delay before the action.

I also tried to do that directly (without app switching). Cycle action send start/stop to VLC. But then the cycle action does not work reliably. :upside_down_face:

Do you know what the cause of this could be? Thanks!

mhh I think in this scenario BTT might not catch the app change.

There are two other new actions that might be helpful here to make it more explicit:

  • Save currently active window
  • Go back to saved active window

Maybe these could help. OR maybe actions that happen after the cycle action are not executed correctly - I'm not sure if I have tested that. Does it work if you add the "Activate Previous App / Window" action inside of your cycle action configuration?

Unfortunately, none of it works.


And neither does this. BTT does not return to the last app.

Funny that apparently so simple actions cause problems. Maybe that is only me....

I think I found what's wrong with the save currently active window and go back action. Should be working in 3.953 alpha (currently uploading, will be online in 10 minutes)

Yes, it works with 3.953. Thanks, Andreas!

Ah, sorry, what I haven't understood yet, though: When should I use both actions (save/go back) and when "Activate Previous App"? Or should I just try out what works?

if the app switch is caused by a btt action use the save/go back, if it’s caused by the system use the activate previous app action

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