Nesting Groups structure bug? (StreamDeck)

When I nest groups with a structure of:
Global Group named "Apps"
Apps has a group named "Dev"
I cannot get to the "Dev" group level to add more groups or StreamDeck buttons with actions. When I click on "Open Selected Group" it always opens the "Apps" group level.

Top level, is Apps group button

Inside the group, I press Dev group button

I try to open the Dev group again but it stays under Apps. I expect to be presented a Close Group button and not see Dev group (because I should be in the Dev group) so I can add Groups or action buttons to Dev group--just as I did in the Apps group. For example, I might want to have a button that launches XCode or GitHub client

Am I missing something about nested Groups under StreamDeck? I have StreamDeck XL

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg ,

In the most recent Alpha release, is this issue fixed?

The release notes in Alpha build:
" * Fixed UI and import issues with sub-sub groups"