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Hi there, so good to be here and enjoy this amazing app. Still I have a small problem. I'm using the keyboard for editing in Lightroom. I would like to create an action to help me editing faster, for example- open transform tool, press level and close transform tool. And I can't find the way to do it. Don't know how to create it. Can anybody please help me? Thanks a lot in advance. Petru

You should be able to do so with the option "Attach Additional Action". I don't have LR so I can't build it up for you, but the idea is that you have your action (e.g. the Trackpad action "2 Finger Swipe From Top Edge") that performs these actions:

  1. Open the Transform tool: Native action: I don't know if you can open Transform Tool with a keyboard shortcut? If so, just enter the keyboard shortcut. Otherwise use the function "trigger menu item" (read the text the option shows, it's easy to understand and boosts your capacity of using it afterwards :slightly_smiling_face:).
  2. Click "Level": You should have the Transform Tool open. Now use "Attach Additional Action". Again, if the action "Level" has a keyboard shortcut, use it. Otherwise use e.g. the follow steps in Attached Additional Actions:
    • Save current mouse position
    • Move mouse to position x-y of active window
    • Left Click
    • Restore saved mouse position
  3. Close the Transform tool: Once again, either you can use a menu shortcut to close the transformation tool, or just use ⌘W if it is a new window?

In the case that this doesn't work, try to add "Delay next action" between action one and two. Try different times (start maybe with two seconds) to see how much it takes for the UI to build up the Transform Tool.

Tell me if this helps you :smiley: Its hard to do/guess as I don't know LR :confused:

Thanks a lot! I managed to do something, it's not perfect but it works well enough thanks to you!

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