need help to create custom slilder :D

Hi all

i saw there is an option to create custom slider widgets, yet have close to zero coding skills and need some help ;D

i have 2 buttons currently to lower the volume in an music app i use (Jriver media center):

the way i control the app is via http calls using these commands in BTT currently via the execute terminal commands

 /usr/local/bin/wget http://localhost:52199/MCWS/v1/Playback/Volume\?Level\=0.05\&Relative\=1 -O /dev/null


 /usr/local/bin/wget http://localhost:52199/MCWS/v1/Playback/Volume\?Level\=-0.05\&Relative\=1 -O /dev/null

can these 2 commands can be used in a custom slider to lower/raise the mediacenter app volume?

thx a lot ion advance all, really appreciate any help with this


bump :D?
i would appreciate any help with this even some links to documentation, anything really as i'm completely stuck :smiley: