Need help for Chrome Tab aware Conditional Group

Hi !

I try to create a touchbar layout per website.
I've created a Group with "Window Name" condition based on the title of the tab. That's works

But, when I switch to another tab, of an other website, this activation group stay active, instead of showing me the default chrome touchbar (even if i can disable it with the X button).

So first question : How can I automatically disable the group when the condition is not met anymore ?

My final objective is to click on some element in the page. For example, on Github, i want to add a button to go to the current project issues.
Is that possible ? If yes, how ?

That should be the default behaviour.

Are you sure the window name condition is set up correctly? (Does the text become green when you switch to the tab that shall activate it and black when you switch to another tab?)

Since I disable the control strip, it works perfectly. Not sure if it's related ?
And I succeed in my plan to active some links in Chrome.

Thanks you for this wonderful software !