Named clipboard entries

Clipboard entries can be marked (star) and that's great. They can be "aged" out of the list and that's even better.

I used to store tons of stuff in my clipboard manager in Windows, including lists, login names, passwords and complete form contents even, which, when retrieving the clipboard contents by typing rather than pasting could be used to fill in those forms (tabs were typed" instead of pasting them, so they jumped input boxes just as they do when using the keyboard). However, while it's quite easy to search for eg. "pw4whatever" or "form@wherever", manually stepping through each and every entry until one finds the one needed might take time and having to remember parts of the password or a list for example sort of defeats the purpose of putting it on a clipboard.

Now, if they could have optional searchable names/notes that could be set in the clipboard manager (similar to adding a star to them), the clipboard manager could get a tremendous boost to its versatility. This, of course, does not concern temporal clipboard entries that are not to be kept and will be pushed out of the clipboard manager soon but could come in handy for the ones one want to keep and reuse over and over again.