Multiple keyboard shortcuts for the same feature

I want to have multiple keyboard shortcuts for the same feature, for example I want CTRL+CMD+1 to move currently focused window to "Left third", but I also want CTRL+CMD+4 to also move the window to "Left third".

Most of the time I have two windows in front of me when I'm working. One in left third, and second in right two third. The following are the keyboard shortcuts that I have set:
Left third: CTRL+CMD+1
Right two third: CTRL+CMD+3

Depending on the situation, I want to have three windows in front of me. For that I'd like to have the following keyboard shortcuts:
Left third: CTRL+CMD+4
Middle third: CTRL+CMD+5
Right third: CTRL+CMD+6

If you notice, the Left third has two different keyboard shortcuts.
Being able to set multiple shortcuts for the same things, lets me to organize shortcuts based on the setup I want.

Taking the first setup again, left third + right two third, sometimes I prefer left two third + right third and I want the following keyboard shortcuts to make that happen:
Left two third: CTRL+CMD+7
Right third: CTRL+CMD+9

It becomes very intuitive to think about what you want, and what you need to press.