Moving from one mac desktop to another activates custom snap areas

On my M1 Macbook Pro running Monterey, sometimes, when I slide from one desktop to another

the custom snap areas are activated and if I click one of them the last window that was active is now snapped to that size, but on the desktop that is was on. It doesn't move the window to the desktop I'm on, it just resizes it where it currently is.

So the real question is, why are the snap areas being "activated" just when sliding from one desktop to another, but not always. And, if I understand how snap areas are supposed to work, should only be active when dragging a window so that you can "drop" it on the snap area to resize it.

Also, I'm not able to duplicate this on my older Macbook Pro (2015)

which version of BTT are you running?
And how do you switch between spaces?

I'm using version 3.952 (2117) and I switch between desktops with ctrl+ritght/left arrow, or with a BTT trigger of ctrl+mouseButton3 / ctrl+mouseButton4 (regular mouse that has "back/forward" buttons at the thumb)
And I think I just discovered that when using only keyboard keys this issue doesn't happen, only when using the programmed BTT trigger I've set up.

Do you maybe have ctrl set to move your windows?


@smcgee31 did you ever solve this issue? I have been having the same problem intermittently on an M1 Macbook Air.

Unfortunately I have not solved it and so far none of the update have changed that behavior. I've just been "dealing" with it. LOL