Move windows freely

Hello community!

I joined to ask one question, for now!
Just out of curiosity, because then I will have to monitor BTT resources, I'm in a journey to find if I can replace 2 apps for 1, being those Multitouch and Moom.
Now, what I'm using Multitouch for I know I can achieve within BTT. Part of Moom as well but not all and here's what and my question:
How can I set 4 key combinations to move windows around? Moving them freely, not send them to specific and snapped positions. E.g. ⌃ ⇧ ⌥ → moves the active window to the right by 30px increments, and same for other directions?
Let me know if I'm being clear.

Thanks is advance.

you can configure this using the "custom move / resize" action. Here is an example that increases the size of a window by 30px, it should be easy to adapt to just move the window

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg,
Thanks for your time!
No, I don't want to increase and decrease window size, I know how to do that in BTT. I need to move windows, like Moom does.

yes, this action can also be used to just move

Oh! I see now!! Thank you so much!! NICE!!!! :slight_smile: