Move window to previous monitor.

would it be possible to add a move window to previous monitor action? I would like this to function in the exact same way move window to next monitor action function but in reverse/ ie: rotate through the monitors counterclockwise as opposed to clockwise.

there appears to be a more full featured custom move/resize but it doesn't seem to be able to handle the simpler version of what I want no matter how much I try to finagle it.

I would love this since I work with two and same times 3 monitors.

It will the great if when moving to a monitor with a different resolution, the size/proportion of windows adjust to the new resolution.

Best Regards

Have you solved this problem? I would love to have that feature, too!

sadly no. not that I've seen

I'm using three monitors, and I've done it this way, you can try it

sadly that doesn't work because some of my windows are above the others so they get ignored

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