'Move window to different space' does not work anymore (11.5 Beta)

Since upgrading to the latest developer beta, moving windows between spaces does not work any more. I checked it with various apps (MS office, safari, finder, preview, btt config window etc). The keyboard shortcut I use is control + left/right arrow, the MacOS default shortcut for this combination in (move to a different space) is disabled.
I reverted to the old keyboard shortcut implementation in the settings but it did not resolve the issue. BTT is also on the latest alpha version.
All other shortcuts (both trackpad and keyboard) work perfectly.

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: iMac Pro 2017
  • macOS version: 11.5 developer beta
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.564 (alpha)

Does BTT have the screen recording permission in System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy?

Yes, it does! Thanks for your swift reply! :slight_smile:

Ok, then I need to check with the developer beta. Maybe Apple changed something ;-(

Have you already tried to restart macOS?

Yes, I have restarted MacOS a couple of times over the last days. The bug unfortunately persists :frowning:

hi, is there any update for this? i had same issue and my OS is Big Sure 11.4

In general make sure BTT has the screen recording permission in System Preferences-> Security & Privacy -> Privacy