Move trigger from one group to another?

In the new configuration UI, I created 2 groups/folders of triggers. Ideally, I'd like to be able to group within a group, but when I realized I couldn't do that, I wanted to move some stuff back out of the group(s) I created and into another group. It appears this isn't possible. Can that be true??

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I’ve moved your thread to #discussion, you might find more help here!

As for moving things between groups, try copy paste.

You can also copy JSON from the old UI and you should be able to paste it into the new UI

Roger that, copy/paste. Not super intuitive, but it works—good enough :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch.

You can also drag stuff onto the back button to get it back to the root level - for directly dragging it into a different group use the list view mode.

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Oh that's interesting...thanks!