Move/resize window with modifier key and mouse button

Please improve the way "Moving & Resizing Modifier Keys" under "Window Snapping & Moving" works. It would be great to be able to use the feature in the standard way Linux window managers typically implement it:

Move with modifier key + left mouse button
Resize with modifier key + right mouse button

Sounds like what you want is to have to click (either left or right mouse button) in addition to the modifier keys on that page. Right now you can do it without having to click. (What modifier key do the window managers you like use?)

Are you aware that you can hold Cmd, and (left) click a window's title bar, and move it around without making it topmost/focused? That's built into MacOS. Maybe it'll give you some of what you want.

Hi tomhundt, thanks for your reply!

I was not aware of the ability to move a window without bringing it to the foreground by holding Cmd. Thanks for the tip!

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "Right now you can do it without having to click.".
I was able to get most of the functionality using Yabai as the window manager (in floating mode). Mod+left click to move a window works perfectly (also, it does not bring the window to the foreground). Mod+right click to resize works too, although the performance is much worse than "native" resize.