Move/Resize only when mouse key is pressed?

Long-time paid user of BTT. I feel my Mac is incomplete without it. However, there is one feature that Hyperdock has that for the life of me I can't figure out why it isn't already in BTT!

The Problem

Specifically, when using the move/resize feature of BTT, it is based only on the keyboard keys and not the mouse buttons at all. If you press the modifier keys you prefer, even without clicking the mouse, the UI responds.

Personally, I only want the move or resize feature to work when I'm actually pressing the button in addition to those modifier keys.

Now, I got excited when I saw your new 'advanced conditions' feature because I thought that would let me do exactly that, but digging deeper, it doesn't look like it.

I also tried turning on moving when you click with the left mouse and also have CMD-OPT-CTRL pressed, which worked, but then I was stuck in window-moving mode and basically had to kill the machine to get out of it.

Attempt 2 I added 'stop moving' and 'stop resizing' on mouse up, but that didn't work because you have to give it modifier keys. So I did, and that worked, unless I accidentally let the keys go first, then released the mouse because then the trigger wasn't true anymore!

In other words, I had to set up three different 'off' triggers... one of the mouse by itself, one of the mouse with the three modifier keys, then one for the esc key as a 'safety' in case I got myself stuck.

All because I can't figure out how to manage state for enabling/disabling moving/resizing.

Proposed Solution #1 (Easiest)

Simply add '...when mouse pressed' option to existing move/resize options

Proposed Solution #2 (Most functional)

Rather than triggering on key down or mouse down, or key up or mouse up, let us specify a set of conditions--like your new advanced conditions--that so long as that condition is true, moving (or resizing) would be enabled. If any part of that condition is no longer true (i.e. you specified left mouse with control, opt and command, if any of those stop being true, the moving stops.) In programmers terms, rather than just being a trigger based on a certain condition, it holds state so long as that condition is true and clears state once any of the conditions are no longer true.

The latter is the most flexible because for instance, with Hyperdock, I can start moving a window by pressing CTRL-OPT-CMD and dragging, then mid-drag, I simply let go of the OPT key and it instantly starts resizing. If I re-press the OPT key, again while still dragging, it instantly changes back to moving again. This makes it lightning fast to move/position windows.

Taking things even further, with your new advanced configurations, you could let us resize depending on the 'quadrant' where the mouse is. If the mouse is in the top-right 10% of the window, then resize as if you were dragging the top-right corner. Drag within 10% of the left edge, but between 10 and 90% of the height, and treat it as if you're resizing from the left edge. But again, none of this can work (well/fluidly) if you can't tie the state to the keys/mouse.