Move Mouse - relative to mouse cursor position

Please excuse my ignorance, as I'm still very new to BTT.

I'm creating a script that will right-click, which brings up a menu item. I'd then like to select a particular item on the menu by moving the mouse to a relative position of the current mouse position.

How do I go about determining the coordinates of where I'd like to move the mouse to? It's dynamic, as it will change depending on where I right click each time.


In a context menu you can select a menu item by the first letter(s) of the name and then press Enter. This is probably easier because the location of the menu does not matter.

Create an action with "Trigger Context Menu Item" in this example the "Informationen" entry is activated. The location doesn't matter as long the name

stays the same.
After that "Copy Selected Item UUID".
Call the UUID within your apple script.