mouse regragon legend (24 buttons) and BTT?


I bought mouse - redragon legend with 24 buttons
I wanted to use 24 buttons via BTT but BTT does not see these buttons :frowning:
It is said on site that muse is not used for mac but earlier i used mouse 4tech x7 (6 buttons) and BTT recognised all buttons (on site it is said that mouse in not supported by mac )
is the any way to connect mouse redragon to mac and use all 24 buttons via BTT?

additional info
buttons are recognised as "keyboard shortcuts" as numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and so on. When I set mouse button via "keyboard shortcuts" then it work but number from keyboard enable assigned action in BTT and can not be used as ordinary numbers. Is it possible to separate buttons on mouse from keyboard?

maybe i found solution - in setting "keyboard shortcuts" i set in trigger condition "work on keyboard with same type as used for recording" it looks like it work :slight_smile: will test