Mouse Position before Gestures


I am using the default right-mouse down gesture trigger. In almost all gestures I do not want to have the "Restore mouse position" flag activated because the mouse jump throws me off from where I expect the mouse to be.

But in very few gestures I do need the mouse position where the gesture started because the action is context sensitive.

There does not seem to be a "Restore mouse position to gesture start" action. I only can find the "Restore saved mouse position" but as the action is only triggered after the gesture ended it is too late to save the mouse position.

Is there any way?
If this is currently not possible I'd suggest a feature request for either a "Restore mouse position" flag on gesture instance or a new action "Restore mouse position to gesture start".

Kind regards

I think this is currently not possible when using the built-in right-mouse down gesture trigger. Maybe it could be done by creating a custom right-click trigger, but I think I should be able to add a predefined action that achieves what you need

I'll look into it!

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