Mouse pointer jumps to lower left corner

Hi there,

have been a long term user of BTT and have a lifetime license. Many thanks for the great work of the developer!

In the past few months, it has been bugging me that under stress, the mouse pointer seems to revert to the lower left corner of the screen. This happens with Youtube in Safari, with FCPX e.g., esp. when the machine is stressed with windows operations like minimizing.

i have searched the net Mouse cursor retreats to bottom left corn… - Apple Community , i have put up questions in forums Mouse pointer keeps jumping to bottom left of screen on M1 MBA | MacRumors Forums but what i want to rule out:
Does BTT have a function that i may have accidentally turned on that may be causing this behavior?

Many thanks for any insight!

(I have a Macbook Pro 16" 2019 with i9 and Magic Trackpad, but it also happens with an other mouse).

There is the „move mouse to position“ predefined action, which could do that. However I don’t think there is any trigger that could trigger under heavy load

Can you reproduce the issue? If so, maybe just disable BTT for a bit and see?

you're so right, i should have had the idea myself, sorry for having bothered you and many thanks for this valuable suggestion!

I did end BTT and tried open FCPX, minimizing it and bad enough, it did come back on the screen and the mouse pointer reverted to the lower left corner. So no BTT at fault here :slight_smile:

...keeps bugging me without any more ideas ...

Thanks again and keep up the great work!