Mouse drag sometimes ending prematurely - Could BetterTouchTool have something to do with it?

Hi, I'm struggling with an issue that happens sometimes when I'm dragging files with my mouse, especially when I'm doing so across Apps. What would happen is that the mouse drag would end prematurely, dropping the file at the current location, even though I didn't let go of the left mouse button yet. Sometimes, this is even followed up with yet another click.

At first, I thought this issue must be a hardware flaw, so I bought the same mouse once more (Razer Naga Trinity), but ended up having the same problem eventually. Since none of my friends have encountered this issue in their MacOS workflow, I was starting to wonder whether BetterTouchTool could have something to do with it? The other app that might have an effect on my mouse is Karabiner, not sure if you've heard of this one.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Is there perhaps a setting that you would recommend me to adjust? Any pointers would be much appreciated.