Mouse Conditional Trigger

That helped a lot!

It was a bug unrelated to the new conditions but related to app specific "prevent recursive triggers".
Could you check with 3.866? I need to improve this further, but at least it should not stop working anymore I believe.

Also please check whether your other recursive triggers still work.

Looks good. You did it. :slight_smile: :+1:

Both global and app specific shortcuts now work as expected and don't stop working. This concerns the shortcut section.

The problem with the key sequences is still there, unfortunately. It is more or less the same thing, so for example.

Press r⌘

  • 1 Action: mouse somewhere --> show clipboard manager
  • 2 Action: mouse over menu bar --> Mission control

No matter which modifier or actions are selected, the results are weird. BTT executes something or nothing :man_shrugging:

Are your key sequences also app specific? (but even app specific key sequences seem to work fine here ;-()

Both global and app specific.

That's what you said before you found the other bug, right? :wink: Here it is rather worse.

But seriously, for me it's ok the way it is. Key Sequences without connection to "Advanced Conditions" work normally. The rest I do with single letter shortcuts. That also works well now. Thank you, Andreas :+1:

Just too many possibilities :slight_smile: Probably some little difference again in your setup compared to mine.

Well let's see. I'll do a public release tomorrow, then probably more feedback will come in :slight_smile:

A tip without guarantee. It seems to me that it has something to do with the shift keys, because these sequence are often triggered instead of the right one. So things like double tapping the right or left shift key. Or left shift down and double tap the right shift key. Could this be? :slightly_smiling_face:

doesn't seem to be it ;-/

Does BTT use complex shortcut like fn+⌘+⌥+⌃+⇧+F-Key in the background? Maybe for some internal purposes?

yes, for some actions it does

In these key sequence errors there is a recurring order of wrong actions that could have something to do with such shortcuts. I often use them as "intermediate triggers" for certain purposes. But I do not see through this yet...

Could it be that there is a conflict here?

If I assign the same sequence to two actions "press r⌃". Why does BTT show the clipboards instead of opening a conflict menu as if they were shortcuts?

For key sequences the conflict menu is currently not implemented. If two same sequences are there, and both have valid (or no) conditions, it is undefined which one BTT executes.

That means if a modifier combination of a key sequences trigger (fn+⌘+⌥+⌃+⇧) is already assigned, then it is not defined which action BTT should execute. This fits exactly to my problem. But BTT always decides the same. In this example always the clipboards.... There is an error logic, but I don't understand it.

It's similar for keyboard shortcuts - if there are multiple same key sequences their conditions need to exclude each other. If BTT evaluates two same key sequences to true, then it chooses one of them (probably by order or internal id), for keyboard shortcuts it would show the conflict menu in this case.

I’ll check whether I can easily show that menu here as well

Actually not. BTT does not "randomly" decide which action is to be performed for two identical shortcuts, it displays both actions in a menu.

Exactly, "one of them". This is a completely different behavior. For sure the errors are systematic "one of them", but always the same!

Normally I'm good at recognizing connections, but I'm missing something here. I am tired, I go to sleep now. Gute Nacht :slight_smile: