Mouse buttons stuck with New Custom Context Menu

I have made an action to Show Custom Context Menu (NEW) in Normal Mouse

Basic Config is set to Right Click and Advanced Trigger Conditions is currently_pressed_mouse_buttons == "1,3," to make a chord with the mouse button three. Trigger on Mouse Down and Trigger Anywhere.

When I press the mouse buttons together the menu is shown and it works ok. But after closing the menu the mouse buttons 1 and 3 are stuck until I press them again. The stuck buttons are also shown in the advanced conditions dialog currently_pressed_mouse_buttons.

I tried to change Trigger on Mouse Up but the action stopped working.

I have another chord with currently_pressed_mouse_buttons == "3,5," and it works flawlessly, so I tried to change its action to open a custom menu and it started to stick the buttons too. So it seems to be the Show Custom Context Menu (NEW) that is the culprit.

Steel Series Aerox 5 with GG 30.0
MacBook Pro 16" M1 Max, macOS 12.6.2
BTT alpha 4.004 (2219)

I don't think the buttons can really be "stuck", however there is a bug that prevents the currently_pressed_mouse_buttons from being updated in this case. Unfortunately I can not solve this reliably in this case, so I'll just reset the buttons after the menu closes.

The buttons react like they were stuck though. I have another action that uses the button 3 via currently_pressed_mouse_buttons and it triggers without me pressing the button 3 like the button was being held down.

The variable is stuck, thus it will trigger. This should be fixed in 4.006 :slight_smile:

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Wow, that was fast! Works perfectly now! :grin: Thank you!