Mouse actions get lost

Hi all,

In January I bought the latest version of MacBook Pro and running Catalina 10.15.4 on that system.

I am also running BetterTouchTool 3.365

I defined different action for the Magic Mouse 2, e.g.
1 click middle mouse button command V
1 finger wish right command C

If I do one of these action I see the response in "Touch Live Ansicht" of BTT

But these commands and even simple one finger click left button do not always go through to the application. In a rough guess, 20 % of the clicks get lost.

The current Situation is that I often go back to my old usb mouse because too many clicks get lost.

Has anyone an idea?

Thanks for your help

Hello everyone,

in general, BTT is a very good tool and exactly what I am looking for.

But,- as described above it ist not reliable on my system. Sadly, I had to disable it. Especially when I am developing professional software I need a reliable mouse and I cannot always double check, if my mouse action really happens.
The applications I mostly use are LibreOffice and for software development eclipse.

It looks like that nobody else observes this problem so I am wondering what is different on my system. Some details of my configuration.

  • MacBook latest version
  • i-tec docking station with special driver
  • Two external monitors connected to i-tec box

My trial period is ending. I would love to buy BTT, but under the current circumstances I am afraid I have to do without it.

Best regards

The single finger gestures need to be very specific, otherwise they'd be triggered randomly a lot.
You can increase the middle mouse area in the BTT settings

In general I recommend gestures with two or more fingers on the Magic Mouse. (E.g. three finger tap, click etc.)

I did already increase the middle mouse area. Thanks for the hint.

I change to 3 finger gestures only. It did not work either.

As mentioned before, I do see the gestures in "Touch Live Ansicht" of BTT, but they don't come through to the applications. My trial period expires an I will quit testing.