Mojave to Catalina: settings not working anymore

I know my Mac is old. But today I've switched from Mojave to Catalina, installed BTT and imported my settings. No one work.

I see the actions, they're mapped correctly, but they don't work.

For example the keypad + should type a < but, pressing it, it does nothing. Even if I remap the key combination to another one, it keeps typing +.
If I delete the old action and create one from start, it works.

Ok, I told to myself, let's redo them all.

But it seems weird. I'm currently using v. 3.952, but I've also tried the 4.037 BTT suggested me after the installation.


Maybe some permissions have not been applied correctly after the upgrade.

Try to go to System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy and remove BTT from the Accessibility list, then add it again. (Unchecking is not enough!)

Also make sure BTT is not disabled (click menubar icon to see enabled state).

Thanks for your answer, Andreas.
I did as you said but no, the old action still don't work.

But, if I create new (identical) ones, they work.

Are they maybe bound to a specific keyboard type? (That identifier might have changed after upgrading macOS)

No, also the hardware didn't change.
Anyway I've redone them all and now they work.

That's quite disturbing, to be honest. My backup is to export the presets and be able to import them again if necessary. If that doesn't work, sooner or later I'll have a problem.

@Lock if you could send your preset to I can check what is wrong with the triggers

Even if the hardware does not change, there has been an issue in older macOS versions where the system reported different ids after the update. In that case a search & replace in the preset file can fix this (replacing the old keyboard id with the new one). However this is only relevant if the "Only works on same keyboard as used for recording" option was used.

Sure, thanks.

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Ok, there's an update.

These are the key sequences for resizing brushes in PS when I press the right Option key:

Please ignore the strange "⌥•r⌥", as you know I had to remap the right Option as an Option+rOption because the keyboard software is stupid. But it still works as a normal r⌥.

Problem is that, if I set these sequences for "All apps" they work everywhere, in PS too. But if I copy and paste them in "PS" section, they don't work. And it's strange, because I've a lot of Keyboard Shortcut in this function that perfectly work in PS only.

So my guess is there's something strange with Catalina, and maybe BTT can't enable Key Sequences for the specific app?
As a further test I pasted them in Chrome section, and enabled the HUD showing when the sequence is triggered and they don't work.

Could you please double check it? Many thanks. :slight_smile:

P.S. Why the key sequence (the last one from top) is not shown in the list for the key up? It's a beavior I noticed with Mojave too.

Help...? :slight_smile:

Dead thread? :frowning:

Dead thread. :frowning: