Minimalist: A clean and intuitive touchbar preset



Fixed it :slight_smile:
I deleted the preset, restarted the app and the downloaded the JSON and imported it manually. Then it was asking permission for the apps and now it is working! Thanks


That's great to hear! :slight_smile:


Hey man, great preset! I really do love it. I'm wondering, have you thought of creating a BTT Button to launch the Messages app, similar to how you created the Notes and Finder ones? I would LOVE to see that!


Hey there! I'm really enjoying your preset, but the play/pause button isn't working for me. Any ideas why? When I tap the Spotify song name, it switches to the next song just fine.


I would add that feature (toggle-able) in the next update! BTT is starting to get stable now so will post a new update real soon :slight_smile:


Hey there! Are you on the latest version? I tried downloading the Minimalist preset and the play/pause works fine on my end. Perhaps the new update (coming soon) can fix that!


Yea, I'm on the latest version. When I play/pause on Spotify, the icon changes as well, but pressing pause on the Touch Bar doesn't react. It doesn't launch Spotify either. It's no biggie, I can wait for the next update.



  • when I press and hold the Option key, the macOS System Preferences are opened and closed.
  • Cmd + Z (undo) does not work when this preset is running.

I'm using Minimalist v2.2 | Upload Date: 2018-06-01



Hi there, this has got to do with the True Tone toggle icon. I will be removing this feature on v2.3 since it constantly triggers System Prefs. But when the community finds a way to fix the True Tone toggle issue, I will update the preset again.




New version v2.3 is out!!

Hopefully this version addresses some of the problems you guys are facing! And I've also added support and stablised certain features such as True Tone.

Do let me know if there's anything you want to know, thanks again for the support! :slight_smile: