"Midi Triggers" section

I have some wishes to improve the Midi Triggers section:

  1. Add Midi Channel

I think Midi Channel (0-15 or 1-16) is missing in this section.

  1. Change labels depending of command selected

As example, when selecting the command "Note On", the first label would show "Note number" instead of "Note or Control number". The same for the rest of labels in this section.

  1. Only for Device with this name

It would be useful to have a drop-down menu with the available ports as we have in the "Send Midi Command" action.
It would be great if this drop-down menu has the possibility of select more than one port.
We could also have additional buttons like "Select All Midi Ports" and "Unselect All".
I also would suggest to change the main label to something like "Only for Ports with this name"

  1. Trigger if value/velocity is…

I miss an option to define a range of values, as example to trigger an action if the velocity is between 34 and 68.

I forgot the third:

  1. Variables

It would be great to define the note/cc/pc/pb, the channel and the value/velocity with numbers defined in variables.