Midi > click and drag command

I want to be able to hit my sustain pedal and for that to perform a click and drag. When I lift my foot I want to it end. Pedal down = on.....pedal up = off

Can this be done?

does the BTT midi event viewer show these pedal down / up events?

yes it does thanks for reply

What kind of events do show up, can you post a screenshot?

theres down on the pedal in first shot,
and up on pedal in second shot

You could try the attached setup. It requires the latest BTT alpha version (3.368)

midi-test.bttpreset (4.4 KB)

sorry I couldnt find that version on the site, could you provide a download link? I use catalina hope thats ok

You can get it by clicking the menubar icon and clicking "Check for alpha version updates"

it works! thank you very much andreas