messages in the touchbar. please help

i am using the latest version of btt and golden chaos presets on my macbook pro. with the latest update btt i no longer have notifications messages in the touchbar. i have not made any changes to any settings.
the last working version with notification in the touchbar( mail, calendar etc.) is the btt 3.670.
i hope someone can help me.
thank you.

it does not work even with the latest updates .

I'm also not receiving any notifications in the Touch Bar! I thought maybe it was because my laptop was on DND but even turning that off didn't solve the issue.

thanks for the answer. i thought i was the only one with this problem. i have tried many things but it does not work.
it seems that people here only concentrate on the notchbar.
maybe someone can still help.

What do you mean by notification / messages in the Touch Bar?
I think golden chaos announced a while ago he is working on a new version with a fix for the notification badges.

I think the functionality in BTT to retrieve the dock badge numbers still works fine:. Can you try running this in the macOS script editor and check the output?

tell application "BetterTouchTool"

    get_dock_badge_for "Calendar" update_interval 5

end tell
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