Merge clipboard

One of the features that I miss from a launcher (I can't remember if it is LaunchBar or Alfred or both) is the ability to copy & merge into clipboard.

I was thinking if I could achieve the same by defining a shortcut that:

  1. Uses "Paste specific items from Clipboard Manager"
  2. Configure this action to Paste items at positions 1,2
  3. Select "Just copy to clipboard"

(In case you are wondering why I'm not trying this instead of asking, I'm currently facing an odd behavior with Paste specific items" action).

thank you

Unfortunately this won't work, it will first copy item 1 to the clipboard, then item 2.

But I should be able to add a function to retrieve specific items from the clipboard manager, then a little script could be used to achieve this.

Ahhh. So close. I'll check the release notes for future updates to see if I'll find any indication from you that this can be achieved. :slight_smile:

thank you

@Andreas_Hegenberg any thoughts/plans on this?