menubar volume and brightness as seen in release notes

hi how do you do this? EaHOnFaU8AENULM

For the volume use this AppleScript:

if output muted of (get volume settings) is true then
	set Lautstarke to "Muted"
	return "Volume: " & output volume of (get volume settings) & "%"
end if

The Screen brightness is a bit more tricky, as it needs to be run either through UI Scripting (which is a pain in the :peach: and amazingly resource needing/workflow disturbing), or you'd need to install a brightness tool from Github or homebrew to be able to extract a useful value.
Or you run do shell script "nvram backlight-level" in Apple Script once with every possible screen brightness, and add manually as a return the accurate brightness each time :roll_eyes:

The final script has to be run set in the Named & Other Triggers Section as a Menu Bar Widget.

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beautiful, thank you!