Menubar Item: only item name, no custom icon


has the custom icon been removed from Menubar Items? I saw screenshots in the forum showing it. Right now I only get an Item Name field with an emoticon, which allows for very limited use of icons (mainly emoticons...). This is such a great feature, but custom icons are very much needed.


on your screeshot click on „common“ to define an icon

OMG sometimes it's just in plain sight... thanks for the quick response!!

So I've managed to add my own icons, but they only show sporadically if even. "Show only icon, no text" generally hides them. Also on restart of BTT it's a no-show

Ah there was indeed an issue with icon only items. Should be fixed in 3.387! (currently uploading)

Great, that's fixed indeed!
Two more things I've noticed:

  • Setting a background colour for an icon creates a few problems and is not reversible (can't go back to transparent)
  • Executing a named trigger via right click doesn't work, it shows a sub menu with some of the actions from that named trigger

You should be able to set a clear background using the color picker:

But you are right, the default color it resets to is wrong.

The named triggers seem to work fine here, what do you mean by submenu?

Hmm I don't seem to be able to replicate this behaviour. But the right click is still not working. Not a biggie though. I must say, having recently moved from a Macbook Pro to an iMac, using the Menubar as a replacement for the Touch Bar is a gift from heaven, so thanks for that!! :slight_smile:
One more request if I may: a spacer item would be great, as I'm moving my Menubar items to the centre. I can only achieve that right now by adding a lot of spaces for the name of an icon, which is a bit of a hack