Menubar is in Application, not up top. How can I trigger it?

In the below screenshot, the program im using has the menubar within the application instead of up top (where it says "Maya", and "Window"). Since this is the case, i cant use the "Trigger Menubar Menu-item" predefined action to trigger the menubar item I want.

Is there anyway to trigger a menubar (sitting in the application like this) through a script? Unfortunately, i dont know apple or shell script so im a little loss here on if this is possible/how to do it. An example of what i want to do is opening "Mesh;Booleans;Union"

That's not possible because the app is not using the macOS default api.
Maybe you can assign keyboard shortcuts in Maya?

well thats a bummer, but yeah i can assign shortcuts/will have to. There's just a lot by default so i need to get a little creative in finding ones that aren't mapped. Thanks for giving it a look over though, much appreciated

It's probably unlikely they will change this, but maybe worth a feature request (to use the use standard macOS menubar)

they should be coming out with a new version soon (its already past when they usually release it) and i know they added touch bar features to some of their other programs so im hoping they might do so for this one. Would make things easier so i dont have to worry about doing it myself haha (assuming they add most of the stuff i want)

EDIT: actually just looked quickly and someone has raised using the MacOS menubar to them on their feature request site, whether they actually look at that i have no idea haha