menubar action KB shortcuts take two 'presses' to fire

I have to say that I absolutely love BetterTouchTool. I use it so much and it saves me so much time I just can't say enough about it.

The main application I use is Adobe Illustrator, and I use BTT extensively to fire custom scripts via menubar actions. It has worked flawlessly, but all of the sudden I have to press the KB shortcut twice in order for it to fire. It works as expected on the second press, but the first appears to have no effect. Has anyone else experienced this? Could something have changed in a recent release to affect how menubar actions/keyboard shortcuts interact with 3rd party apps?


Device information:
Mac Pro / 10.14.16 Mojave / BTT 3.346 (1554)
I always install updates when they are pushed

I don't think there has been a change to that. Have you already tried to restart the machine?

First I tried multiple BTT restarts and that didn't fix it. Then I tried a machine restart and that didn't solve the issue either. Strangely, restarting BTT after the restart suddenly fixed it. So, it must be conflicting with something else I have installed. I haven't installed any new software lately. Hmm. Thank you for your amazing software!