Menu-bar-item Not working as expected


I'm trying to add files to Yoink by not having to drag them into Yoink, or right clicking on the file to put them there. A

A simple shortcut would be the most efficient, and when I click on any file in Finder, the SHARE menu has Yoink as the first option. (FILE-SHARE-YOINK)

Hence I thought of, of course, using BTT to trigger that menu item with a simple shortcut. The problem is that "Menu-bar-item" is not working as it should.

I've tried the following commands to execute

None of them work.

Using "Menu-bar-item" to trigger opening of a new finder window (File;(2) or File;New Window) works great, so my guess is that it's something related to the "Share" being a submenu

Eitherway, if anyone has any tips on how to achieve this would be very appreciate.

Tks, p

I love Yoink! :wink:

ah this works great. thank you!
would still love to understand what went wrong with my attempt if anyone cares to explain.