Media shortcuts missing

Running macOS 10.15 and the latest BTT.

All of a sudden, unprompted, media controls are missing from the touchbar. I'm running a modified version of Aquatouch but downloading a fresh copy of AquaTouch the media controls are still no longer showing up.

sometimes they show up for a millisecond and then disappear. I feel like I've tried everything. Deleting BTT and reinstalling only to have the same issue

you should ask @yuuiko the creator of Aquatouch (However afaik he is quite busy right now). Maybe it's related to iTunes being called Music now?

thanks for the reply, i'm realizing this isn't limited to Aquatouch but is system wide with btt

but BTT doesn't come with any default media buttons or do I misunderstand?

sorry i wasn't clear, I added my own play pause controls and they now disappear

how did you configure them?

Could you check whether System Preferences -> keyboard -> "touch bar shows" is set to "app controls"?