Media Scrubber Update?

Hi @GoldenChaos,
Really stellar work! Also checked out your portfolio; definitely want to dive into it some more.

There have been a few people requesting media scrubbing in BTT, but I can't find any updates on it. Have you been able to find a way that it might be possible with BTT? I'm assuming it would take a script of some sort, but I'm not familiar enough with them yet (keyword: yet; BTT is inspiring me to learn JavaScript).

I am specifically working on emulating certain aspects of Safari's native setup up, with some BTT touches, and having the media scrubber would be perfect. I also have an idea for incorporating Safari's tab switching keyboard shortcuts into BTT the I want to incorporate into the setup, but that seems like a fairly complicated process, for now.

Looking forward to chatting and making some cool stuff happen!


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