Maximize Window Commands not Working

Maximize Window Commands not Working

Using Cmd + <-, Cmd + ->, Cmd + ^, Cmd + Down

MacOS Mojave 10.14 Beta, BTT v. 2.536

They are working fine here. Have you tried to restart your machine?
Is BTT allows in System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => Accessibility?

Yes, it is enabled in System Preferences, and it works with a mouse gesture.

My keyboard is set to US Dvorak if that makes any difference...

if you have recorded the shortcuts while dvorak was active then it shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise yes because BTT always binds to the physical position of the keys, not to their "meaning".

That's what I figured, but thought it was worth noting.
Here's a screen capture of the BTT settings.

These are for the "global" application.

These started working when I disabled Trigger on key down instead of key up. The remained working when I toggled it back to its original state.

I think one of the setters in this menu is buggy.

Toggling directly from the On Down column check had no effect.