Mapping modifiers - holding them down.

I'm forced to use OSX for work, but I have decades of muscle memory using Ctrl in Linux instead of Command in OSX.

Let's talk about undo. On OSX, Linux, and Windows, you can

  • use Modifier+z to undo
  • use Modifier+z,z,z...,z to undo an arbitrary number of times.

The first point - mapping undo once is easy, but I'm stuck on the second point.

Is it possible to use BTT to emulate the "arbitrary number of times" part? My mappings don't allow me to hold the modifier - I have to reengage it with every action.

Try this, use cmd+z which triggers the menu Edit -> undo and activate key repeat.

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You've changed my life for the better.

It works! Key repeat wasn't necessary.

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Any other solutions would be great, too. I find that this one doesn't work in Google Docs, which has its own insane hotkey system that doesn't respect Chrome's Undo.

I don't know Google Doc, but if the app has a different shortcut for "undo", you can just replace it with BTT (app specific shortcut).

I mean, assuming Google Docs uses opt+z for "undo". Then set up this in BTT, only for Google docs and keep the other solution for the other apps.

The main problem is that Google Docs isn't its own app - it's within the browser and is hard to individually assign. And of course Google won't let you customize the hotkeys in it whatsoever.

Unfortunately a lot of web apps (Figma, Lucid) follow this pattern, so without truly emulating the keypresses, a lot of the apps I have to use for work don't respect Edit -> Undo.

I don't use all these apps and can not test, but there is certainly a way.

If there is a menu, then you can somehow open this menu with the keyboard and then navigate with arrow keys, probably.

Worst case BTT can also search for images, move the mouse there and click, e.g. to open a menu.