MacBook Pro trackpad is too "sticky"

New BTT user here, just downloaded the app in hopes it will solve an annoying behavior with my MacBook Pro trackpad. I am optomistic & curious about BTT, but also a bit overwhelmed with the vast array of options.

My MacBook Pro trackpad seems to be too sensitive. If I just barely touch it, I find that some random menu has opened, which I then have to close by pressing esc or clicking away from it, or a random graphic has become selected and is suddenly stuck to my cursor and being dragged around the desktop. Or a bit of text has been selected, and then is dropped in a new location.

I've tried adjusting some things in the MacBook Pro's System Prefs settings, but that didn't help much. I could use some guidance here on what I should be looking at in the BTT app that might help with this problem. TIA for any suggestions!

This sounds like a defective trackpad. BTT won't be able to solve this, but maybe you can see "phantom touches" if you go to the BetterTouchTool preferences, then in the menubar click on View => Show Live View

If it shows touches without you really touching the trackpad, it might be broken.

Thanks for the quick reply, Andreas. I think I'm actually touching the trackpad, but just barely brushing it. I will try that "phantom touches" suggestion.

The false touch recognition in macOS is pretty good, thus I usually assume a defect in such cases. In general BTT can not influence the standard sensitivity of the trackpad as it builds on a higher level.