LOVE the new Window Switcher!

I ended up upgrading to Ventura just so I could run this! Love it!!!!!

Apple has given very little love to Spaces and I use them heavily. This tool finally fixes a bunch of pain points for me.

THANK YOU Andreas !!!!

Thank you! I'm also quite happy with it, especially because it started just as a little experiment after Christmas to get to know SwiftUI :slight_smile:
There are still a few points (especially performance), which I want to improve with the upcoming versions.

I really like it as well!

And I would like it even more if there was an option to disable the preview, for those who don't need it. Probably helps with performance as well?

Thanks a lot.

would you still want to keep the actions in the pop over or an option to disable that completely?

I would like to disable it completely. I would only use a small subset of the actions (mostly quit apps and close windows), and the shortcuts for those are self-explanatory.

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By the way, interesting to use the Window Switcher when no apps (apart from Finder) are running...

in that case you can also use it to launch apps :wink: