Lost presets when upgrading to v3 on lifetime

I couldn't open BTT because of license being expired. So I purchased lifetime access and downloaded v3.225 - then all my years of presets are gone and although I did not delete or replace the old BTT app, they seem to now be the same? Like both the new and old app has the new UI now, so something in the upgrade overwrote the old BTT app?

How can I restore the presets?

I'd first create a backup of the BetterTouchTool data folder:
~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool

Then you can try to restore backups by opening BTT preferences => Help => Restore Settings from Backup

Ok, I have made a backup of this Backup folder

But I can't seem to find any option to restore settings from backup.

The closest seems to be "reset sync status" - is that right?

It should be directly in the help menu:

If it doesn't appear there you might still be on some older version, in that case I'd recommend to download the latest from https.//folivora.ai/downloads

Amazing. Worked like a charm. Puh :sweat_smile:


Nice! I really recommend to create a backup from time to time (e.g. using the Preset => Export) or in general use the macOS Time Machine backup service :slight_smile: